Friday, May 8, 2009

A Day with Mom

This year, for my Mom's birthday I decided to shirk the traditional and instead gave her the gift of a coupon. Yes, yes, I hear it now... "that's so lame," or ", you couldn't pick out a real present?" I must protest, I personally think that spendng time with someone you care about is better than almost any present. This coupon was good for one free mother/daughter day to anywhere she wants.

So, Mom picked Friday and went from there. We decided the itinerary would include a trip to our favorite craft store (where they were having their 5th anniversary sale), breakfast at Paul's Diner (a family favorite right next door to the craft store), a trip to the Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum, Lunch at Fire & Ice and a quick trip to another craft store we had been wanting to check out in RI.

Needless to say we were both pretty tired at the end of the day... Here are a few neat pictures we took at the museum:

I inadvertently asked Mom to pose in the incredibly short face hole... we think it was meant for kids... oops!

One of the many amazing examples of pastillage, which is "a sugar-based dough used for decorating and creating decorations for pastry, showpiece work and decorative molded forms."

The sign from Moody's Diner (or a replica of it, I didn't catch the placard to see) which is in Waldoboro, ME. My family often talk about Moody's. You can check out the diner and it's history here.

An old scale... yeah, that's pretty much it, but i thought it looked neat up close.

A closeup of a milling machine, probably used to crunch up all sorts of yummy things.


jenn shurkus said...

how fun!! did you goto bella art??

jjFTW said...

We did! The woman at the register started telling me about you because I was buying three Amuse stamps. It was pretty funny! It's a great store too, they've done a great job with it after the fire a year ago.

erinlesko said...

I've been to Moody's diner...good pie!