Saturday, April 19, 2008

Music on a lazy day

I was home by my lonesome today doing housework and laundry... once I got bored doing that I decided I should pick up Mom's old guitar and start playing again. I love that guitar... it has definately been well loved over the years and has quite a few bumps and scratches on it, but it still sounds good. One time I was playing with another friend who had just bought a new guitar and the difference in tone between the two instruments was incredible. His was bright and had a hint of a metallic twang, whereas mine was more mellow and had a more lived-in rich tone. It was really neat to hear the differences. I guess I had never thought there would so much difference in the type of music played on each. While mom's old guitar is now mine and probably the lesser of the two in terms of quality sound... that's fine with me, I like it's history.

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