Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Work In Progress Wednesday Without a WIP

So, I've been kind of working single mindedly on just one project lately.  It is almost done, but I don't really want to talk much about it until it is actually completed.  While I have worked on my Simple Beginners Toe Up Socks, I haven't really done anything worth reporting.  Since I have no wood wip's to show you I'm instead going to show you everything that is languishing in my pile of hibernating projects.  After I finish my main project, I am hoping to get back to these sadly neglected ones that are calling out t in an effort to guilt myself into working on them.  Currently they are softly calling to me like the tell tale heart under the floorboards.... 

These projects are the most egregiously neglected:

Teal Forest Scarf
- started 8/27/2009 -

My first try at lace knitting.  It was hard, I got bored, or preoccupied... or something.  I put this down ages ago and since have done lots of lace and am fairly comfortable with the techniques involved.  I bet I could whip this out in notime!

Medieval Hooded Scarf
- started 9/11/2009, frogged 11/8/2009, made corrections to pattern 8/11/2010 -

This was my second attempt at lace and first encounter with a badly written pattern without any errata available to help me.  I tried making this several times, ripped it out each time and then put it down for almost a year.  At that point a knitsib mentioned that I should chart out the pattern to figure out what was wrong.  I did and have managed only this swatch of the pattern.  Some day I have to declare my victory over the pattern and actually make the darned thing!  Maybe I'll even get to finally wear it to King Richard's Faire like I originally planned.  It's pretty chilly when I go there, so the hooded scarf would have been a good costume element to have.

Medieval Pouch
- started 8/31/2010 -

This is yet another King Richard's Faire projects.  I started it for last year and then quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to go due to having all my weekends booked :-(  So, that's why I stopped mid project.  I had no more motivation. I actually think I need to rip back a few rews just to make the griffins not pucker so much.  It's tough when you are carrying yarn behind 16 or so stitches... no matter what there seems to never be enough slack. 

Autumn Round Ripple Afghan
- started 11/14/2010 -

Ok, so this one isn't so bad.... I powered through this afghan back in November but quickly ran out of yarn and had to stop.  Please note that I cannot proceed without more of said yarn.  You think that might enter my head and oh say, motivate me to purchase more.... nah!  Anyway, I love this project and it will be going on the back of my couch once finished.  It has no deadline, hence it's half finished existance.

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