Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Knit Night Shenanigans

So, we just might have been a tad wound up at knit night tonight... I love my knitsibs; they are all wonderful and hilarious ladies that make my week every Tuesday night.  Here are a few samples of why:

Heather kindly lended me the use of her toes to hold the drop spindle containing my latest spun single as I used a wooden kitchen spoon to form it into a center pull ball for plying later on.  Isn't she such a helper?

Now we couldn't just show my point of view, we had to see how this worked through Heather's eyes as well.

My three precious little eggs (dubbed by me of course) of hand spun wool in the cactus flower colorway.  I will be making each of these eggs (or singles according to actual professionals) into a small skein of 2-ply yarn.  They are going to be beeeeeautiful!

Oh, and here is a shot from a few days ago when I was spinning up the singles that shows the roving before I spun it up.  Gorgeous colors huh?

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Bahston Beans said...

She must have strong and non-ticklish toes!