Monday, May 10, 2010

Day Off Shenanigans

What, you ask, is this monstrosity?  Well, it is officially my solution to setting the twist in my first hand spun yarn which involves 2 hangers, a small basket and a large craft punch.  Hey, it's what I had on hand, so don't ask! 

I finished up with all the spinning a little over a week ago, but just hadn't gotten to the part where I put the whole skein in hot water for a half an hour, then shock it in cold before smacking it around a bit and hanging the whole thing up to dry.  I woke up (kinda early for a day off) and decided I really should just get the deed done.  

So, currently this is the lovely view from our patio and it will remain so for at least the next day.  Truly, I am high maintenance, lol.


Melodye said...

Looks good. I recently read that you can hang a wet hand towel through the yarn to help set the twist. I'm a relatively new spinner and followed this bit of advice last time. As far as I can see it worked well.

jjphotoFTW said...

Oh, thanks for the advice! I'll try that next time once I get all my new pretty roving in the mail :)