Monday, December 21, 2009

Some of what January has in store for me: SelfKniMo!

So, I haven't been posting many of my projects lately.  Gee, could it be that Christmas is encroaching and I have made more than a few gifts this year?  Perhaps.  Since I can't yet share the glory of my finished projects, I will instead share with you some of my plans for January. 

I am very happy wall the knitted items I have created over the past year.  Today I actually counted how many things I have made to date in 2009 and got a total of 50 separate items.  Bwah?!?!?  I know, it's crazy!  So, after working so hard over the past year, I decided I was up for some kind of self-reward.  Thus, I have declared this January to be selfish knitting month (SelfKniMo 2009).  SelfKniMo will let me get to play with all those projects I have mulling around in my brain that I have wanted to make for myself.

One of those projects I've just been dying to get on the needles is Never Not Knitting's Cedar Leaf Shawlette (click here for pictures).  A week and a half ago I finally broke down and ordered the kit for myself.  I had lusted after that pattern and yarn (pictured in front of our Christmas tree) for long enough to make me feel that I could justify the purchase.  The yarn is an amazing blend of half wool and half silk and is called Lady Godiva by Handmaiden of Canada (you can see their colors here).  When Brian saw the mixture of fibers he was convinced that the yarn was made by a sheep/caterpillar hybrid called a caterpeep.  Lol!  Did I mention how awesome my husband is lately?  He's so good and puts up with all the yarn and pointy sticks quite nicely.

The Cedar Leaf Shawlette is just one of the projects I have in store for January.  Oh yeah, if you think I'm slowing down on the knitting you're crazy.  The only thing that might take up some of my time is that my self-imposed learning-to-crochet ban will be over as of January 1, so I might sneak some easy crochet projects into the mix.  Then again, I have 5 knitting projects lined up for myself already, including a matching scarf, hat and glove set.  So.... crocheting might have to take a back seat until February.

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