Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the first day of cookies, my oven gave to me...

I went to mom and dad's after work to start Cookie Extravaganza 2009.   We weren't particularly productive as it was a work night for me, but we got a few dozen of my assigned cookies done and one batch of a set from mom.

My cookies: Molasses Cookies

Mom's cookies: Double Chocolate Chews

Brian joined us for dinner and even helped out with dough for the first batch. 

Mr. Accuracy hard at work!

The cookie scoop or disher is God's gift to drop cookies.  It saves soooo much time and effort.  Especially when you are tripling batches.

I think Brian was getting sick of our shenanigans by this point.  Especially since I kept commenting that he was rolling too slowly and if he didn't hurry up he wouldn't earn his $.10 an hour pay.

Cute little balls of molasses cookie dough, just waiting to meet their oven-y doom!


As you can see, things got a little silly (as they normally do).  Mom trying to figure out her new cookies press which looks like it can shoot lazerbeams **pew pew**

Then Brian decided to go home... **pout**

After Brian left mom and I yacked away for a few more hours and managed to get some more work done before I meandered home at around 11pm.  Here's an example of the finish product for the Molasses cookies:


Sam said...

"Then Brian decided to go home... **pout**"

And doesn't he look happy! Ha!

Also, those cookies look AMAZING.

jjFTW said...

They are pretty darn good. I found the recipe last year and have decided to make them every year. They are made with crisco, so they stay chewie all the time :D