Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sailing in the fog

Ok, so these pictures are from the weekend of July 4th... anyone else think I'm a little backlogged on my blog entries? Lol! Anyway, B and I were very lucky to be able to get two nice sails out of the weekend over the 4th. This one was really foggy and resulted in me getting burned because I keep forgetting that UVA goes through clouds (sigh). you think I would learn some day...

I loves me a good jolly roger!

Seagulls, "mine?"

It was so neat having all the fog becuase these two sailboats just suddenly appeared behind us. So very cool!

The bell bouy, complete with annoyed looking seagull for your pleasure.

Self-portraiture via sunglasses, oh, yeah, and B. :P

Boom rigging... I love taking shots of sailing gear.

Dave getting the jib ready.

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