Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aren't they sooo cute!!!! B and I have been feeding these little monsters for the past week or so and they are adorable! Now, I know I can't have one and all seeing as we are allotted one kitty per our apt. complex's rules (stoopid rulez), but that doesn't mean I can't love them anyway.

We (or really I) have named two of them. One has an eye that likes to close a lot, so both B and I agreed on "Winky" for that one. I thought "Smudge" would be an excellent name for the one with a very pronounced smudge of white on his/her nose.

As for the other two, I haven't come up with anything yet. One is mostly white with blacks spots and he is very curious and likes to stalk us in the nearby foliage. The last one is mostly black with a tiny little bit of while on his nose and he is very skittish. We really only see him when we've put out food and backed far away, whereas the other three come out and hang around with us when we are quite close.

So, anyway, these guys are being very well cared for by Brian's folks and for last week, us. It seems like a pretty good life for four kitties without their momma.

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Bahston Beans said...

We met the kitties last night. Cuuuute!