Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some reasons why you should NOT buy a disposable digital camera...

1) The centering is a touch off... please see picture to left.
2) The camera itself costs $20.
3) CVS forces you to buy at least one set of prints when all you want it to get a picture cd.
4) Cost of one set of prints (21 pictures) = $9.99 Huh? I thought they were $.19 a picture, which would be $3.99? Oh, I see... it includes a free picture cd for that price. How thoughtful.....
5) Most of the pictures ended up coming out blurry or grainy despite looking ok on the view screen.
6) Oh, I forgot to mention the piece de resistance. They left one perfectly good picture out of the set of prints (that I didn't want) for no reason. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. And, oddly enough, it was the one picture I actually might have given to someone.

Damn you CVS!!!

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