Sunday, June 1, 2008

Proof! the vegitarian does eat salads... more at 11

Silly title, yes, but fitting :-) Colette is a vegitarian, yet eats surprisingly little actual vegitation.... disturbing isn't it? While she was a carnivore like the rest of us for most of her life, in the past few years I do give her credit for becoming a vegitarian on sheer will alone. Trust me, she likes meat, ALOT! But forgoes for ethical reasons. Colette and I have been friends since 10th grade and basically any time we spent time hanging out together included both movies and food (somehow I think I god the bum end of this deal). Over the past year we have managed to spend more time together and the fact that she now doesn't eat meat can limit our style a touch since our standards are pretty much set at McDonalds when together. She's pretty flexible about things and basically has always said that any place is fine as long as she didn't have to eat a salad. So, when I was at her surprise graduation party, we happened to get served salad. I really couldn't resist... I mean, it's not like it is going to happen often... :-P

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And don't I look so thrilled here?