Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome Food Courtia... we like cash!

I swear I was just not meant to eat dinner at the food court today. I got in line at Sarku Japan, and yes I am aware that this is nothing like real Japanese food, but I like it, so sue me... Anyway, I was in a fairly long line and was being fairly patient as Colette was already inhaling her dinner from the place next door. So, I get to the cashier and she says they only take cash, which is a problem since I tend to live in debit card land most of the time. I leave the line grumbling... since I had been in line a good 15 minutes (enough time for Colette to eat her panini and frozen yogert and be waiting for me). I go to the ATM, get out $ and get back in line... about 10-15 minutes later I get to cashier, who promptly goes out back to do something... sigh. She comes back after a few minutes and a guy cuts in front of me to ask a question (at this point my good manners have gone out the window and I am glaring at people) Finally, the cashier takes my order, so I go to wait near the grill for it and the guy who cooks the meat leaves for the back! ARGH!!! @$#&!!! Ok, calm down, it's been like 1/2 a hour now since I first got in line, this is so not worth it.... I won't tell the rest of the tale, I think you can figure it out from here other than this picture was taken on our dining room table. I didn't really even want to eat it once I finally got my hands on it so I brought it home. Some days.......

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