Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mini Reunion in Boston

Today a group of my friends from Wheaton and I had our own min-reunion. Usually we try to get together a few times a year to go camping (or at least attempt to before retiring to Jared's dad's house for warmth), have a Christmas Party, or go to some other event. This has been especially difficult lately becuase everyone is pretty spread out these day. Jen has moved to MD, Chris and Ceci are in NH and Jared and I are still languishing in MA. But this time we perservered and set a date for May 10th since Jen was going to be in town. Jared, Jen and I met up in the afternoon and had a great time chatting in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library until the chilliness forced us inside. Then we met up with Chris and Ceci and proceeded to have our usual senior-citizens dinnertime around 5:00 at The Cheesecake Factory.
After a very filling meal, much hilarity and a cheesecake coma we moved on to hang around at The Pour House. Please note that I was the one who suggested we go to a bar.... AND I knew were it was! Are you proud or what? Anyway, I finished off the night there and then took the T back to my little car waiting at Riverside. It was a wonderful day. I'm so glad we could all get together.

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