Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Rainbow

When I was growing up, on the first of May, my maternal grandmother would always give me a basket filled with all sorts of goodies in celebration of May Day. While this holiday goes by mostly unnoticed these days, I happened to remember her little tradition when trying to decide what picture to post on the blog tonight. When sorting through the 100 or so I took, I came across this one of the water wheel and somehow it reminded me of grammy. I had left work bound for the Grist Mill and while wandering snapping photos, I happened to notice that the spray from the waterfall was creating a pretty clear rainbow. I took a dozen or so pictures trying to capture it, but didn't think I had done it justice. It's funny that such a silly little thing like taking a picture of a rainbow will spark the recollection of a childhood memory like that.

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