Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Hat is DONE!!!!

After about three months of neglect, I have finally finished the hat I said I would make for my husband for his birthday.  Does it count that I started it in October at least?  You know, when he actually had his birthday?  Hehe... oh well!  He seems pretty happy with it tonight when I handed it over anyway.  

The pattern I used is titled "Eat - A Hat" and was designed by Naomi Drew.  It is a free download and can be found on Ravelry if you have an account (which is also free, I might add).  You can download the pattern by clicking here.  

The hat is a fairly simple pattern without being too boring.  I've managed to actually make two hats like this, which is almost unheard of for me.  I tend to be a process knitter and enjoy learning knew things and don't usually repeat the same project over and over.  This time I used a DK weight Baby Alpaca yarn by Misty Mountain Farm that I got when I went to Rhinebeck this past year.  

Rhinebeck, or the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, is the first fiber festival I have ever gone to and I had a blast.  I think I went to Rhinebeck sometime during my Anti-blogsmas period of the year, so I apologize for not having spoken of it before.  I hope to go to more local festivals this year such as MA Sheep & Wool.  I might even venture up to NH or VT to check those out as well.

Well, I'm all tuckered out from all this finished projecty excitement.  Sweet dreams!

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