Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Favorite Games from my Childhood

1) Candyland - I played this game with my maternal Grandmother constantly.  Such a fun game :)

2) Loom - this is a bit of a stretch as it is a computer game, but Loom was a really awesome adventure game which involved casting spells using musical notes.  Very very fun!  I believe my dad and I were competing as to who would finish first.  May have even been me!  See the intro to the game below.

3) CLUE -Board game based on the Tim Curry movie.  Classic and loads of fun.

4) Trouble! -I remember playing this with my friends after elementary school.

5) The Game of LIFE -I still really like this game, but I don't have a copy of it.  It was really cool having your little car and filling it up with family members.

6) Chutes & Ladders -An absolute classic game that I remember playing at a very young age.

7) Hungry, Hungry Hippos -The name says it all.  But in case you aren't familiar... check out the video below.

8) Battle Chess - Another game that I played on the computer.  Not that I was good at chess or anything, but seeing medieval knights crush any pawn in their path was really neat.  Like Wizard Chess in Harry Potter.  Oh, and it had a good soundtrack too.  

9) Guess Who? - A fun guessing game that I played.  I don't think I actually owned it, but I believe a friend did and getting a chance to play was much coveted by at least me.  Commercial below.

Aaaaaannnnd, last but not least, my favorite game I played while growing up....

10) Monkey Island - BEST. GAME. EVER. You can see a little video on the game and it's history below.  The game was remastered this past year to be appealing to a whole new audience, so you can download and play it now.  DO IT!!!!  (You can download it on Steam here for only $10).  I can even play it on my iPhone... weird.  

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