Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

Not much!  Our refrigerator seems really bare for some reason.  Oh yeah, it could be that we actually cleaned it out :P
  1. Dole Caesar Salad Kit
  2. Stop & Shop Cottage Cheese and Pineapple
  3. Chocolate Fruit Dip
  4. Apple pie
  5. Lots of onions...
  6. Butter
  7. Sour cream
  8. Leftover kielbasa from last night
  9. Mayo (leftover from epic pasta salad making last week) 
  10. Condiments galore!  And I mean everything you could ever think of too.  We adore condiments in my family and my mom always seems to have some neat new mustard or sauce every time she sees us.

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