Monday, September 20, 2010

I certainly have some catching up to do...

So apparently I've been MIA waaay longer than I thought.  Oops!  So, I guess I have to do a montage post of all the things I've been up to lately.  I figure this is the easiest way because I have a ton to share!

"Hurricane" Earl Cape TripLabor Day Weekend 2010

Despite the threat of Earl, we went to the Cape anyway.  The first thing we did was go to the beach and I checked into the hurricane via Facebook  I have to say, Earl was pathetic.  The only things we got was a bit of wind on the coast, a few feet of storm surge and a night full of rain.  We did however, benefit from the storm with some nice wind a waves while we were sailing a couple days afterward.

A church in Hyannis that was still boarded up to protect the stained glass.
It was a tad bit windy at Craigville Beach
A stalwart seagull
Still windy...
Sailing after a pseudo hurricane is always exciting.  We were heeling pretty heavily once we left the bay, so no pics were taken in the Sound.  I didn't want to lose my camera in the drink!

Amy's Bachelorette PartySeptember 12th, 2010

White Sangria - Yum!
Enjoying our dinner or arancini, calamari and sushi!

Amuse Card Class @ Ink About ItSeptember 16th, 2010

I took another of of Jenn S's awesome Amuse classes this past week.  We made wicked cute Halloween cards!  Jenn is so talented and fun.  I'm really lucky to be able to take classes with her!  I can't wait for the one in October and the Advent Calendar one in a couple weeks :)

Leicester Harvest Fair and World Wide Spin in Public DaySeptember 18th, 2010

This past Saturday my fiber group, Fiber Knot Just for Knitting, demonstrated knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning at the Leicester Harvest Fair.  We had such a blast!  This is the first tome we have ever done demonstration as a group and t was really cool that so many people came over to look at all our projects and what we were working on.  It was really fun.  I'll share just a  few pictures now, since this post is getting pretty long.  I'll post some other neat stuff tomorrow.

Camera addicts, Sheepish1 and I both have a problem.
 CaitCreates weaving on her loom.
DDKA, our intrepid leader at her wheel.
Sheepish1 spins too!
TaraLyn with her papoose!
Tokafur drop spindling
LadySpendcer crocheting away.

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