Monday, September 27, 2010

New Project Happiness!

So, I've been kind of in the knitting doldrums lately.  Not a lot about what I have been working on has really done it for me.  Dont' get me wrong, I have plenty of projects to work on already, just none of them have been speaking to me, so I've been neglecting them.  

Today I got an email with a free shawl pattern in it and finally I became excited about a project again.  The free pattern is called Schooner and it is a lovely shawl knitted in worsted weight yarn.  Now I don't really have enough of any yarn in that weight, but I do have this beautiful aran weight yarn I bought online at WEBS back in the spring.  It is called Monterey by Valley Yarns and is a two ply of wool and cotton.  To me it really looks handspun rather than a commercially made yarn because it goes both thick and thin throughout the skein. 

Luckily, I have a ton of it in natural and three more skeins in teal, green and pink, so I decided to knit the main body in the natural, add a repeat to make the shawl a bit bigger and therefor fit me better.  Then for the edging, which I assume will take up a lot of yarn, I will switch to one of the other three colors.  I think it will work and will end up being a generously sized shawl since I'm using a slightly bigger yarn and needles than the pattern calls for.  What's even better is that I only paid $5 per skein of this stuff and I have been holding on to it for months specifically waiting for that perfect shawl pattern.  There is no way I will use more than 900 yards of the yarn and for those three skeins I will have only paid $15!  Talk about a bargain :D

Right now I'm trying to convince myself to stop typing and go to bed, but my the first few repeats of my Schooner are temping me from across the apartment.  I wish I could knit while I sleep.  Or knit instead of sleeping for that matter.  I would be way more productive that way!

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