Sunday, September 27, 2009

If you are a fan of watersports.... beware!

Darth Coco called me up on Saturday morning with a clear plan in mind. We would meet behind the Concord Visitor Center at 1pm, rent a canoe and paddle our way from the south bridge to the north bridge about 1.5 miles down the river. After that, we would head to Cambridge for a late lunch at a trattoria named Gran Gusto (which has phenomenal food by the way). The plan had merit and it was good, so we set off with high hopes for our perfectly planned day.

After the slathering on sun screen, bathroom break and asking the local patriot in the visitor's center for directions, we walked down Main St. to the South Bridge Boat House. They rent canoes, kayaks (both single and double) and even off river cruises. However, traveling by canoe was not meant to be. All the canoes were taken by a group of boy scouts who arrived just before us (grrr). Rather than admit defeat, we decided to wait for one...

That didn't last long. We caved after about 15 minutes and rented two single kayaks instead. Patience is not exactly one of our best traits when we're together. We started down the river, trying to get used to the rhythm of paddling which neither of us had done probably in years. I believe we started off on the Sudbury river although I'm sure it turned into the Concord River at some point and maybe even the Assabet depending on how far we went. I know we went under several bridges, both for traffic and foot only.

The river, while busy with other small watercraft, was serene and we both felt we could have easily settled in and taken a nap. The other great thing was that despite how much we paddled and how far we went from the boathouse, we set the pace and I honestly could have continued on for quite a bit before feeling I needed to turn around. talk about a nice way to enjoy a beautiful day and get some good exercise!

So, Darth Coco and I have decided that we really enjoy kayaking. I probably drove her insane by constantly saying how awesome the trip was and how we so need to go again and SOON! So, consider yourselves warned! We will be on the waterways of Concord again. Will you be prepared if you happen to meet us there?


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good time. Remember to try many different kinds of kayaks before ever deciding to purchase one. (You know where you can try 4 different ones!) The Charles River is also a great place to kayak --don't know how late in the season they rent but I can give you directions to get there and Dave can give you idesa of where to go. Cotuit Harbor is also great.
Take care, Love Janet

Bahston Beans said...

Ha! I was going to say that Dave and Janet would be excited to hear you had a good time...but she beat me to it!

jjFTW said...

I'm going to try to convince Brian to go with me next time. It was just so relaxing and fun. I really liked the kayak I used, it was very roomy :)

What's Up said...

Tall Ships Cruise -Check!

Red Sox @ Fenway - Check!

"Comedy of Errors" Performance - Check!

Kayaking on Concord River - Check!

Next on list....finishing our 10 minute stroll to the Long Point Lighthouse...