Saturday, September 19, 2009

Avast, me hearties! An' hoist the sails ye scurvy dogs!!!

Today be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day and for those of ye who are unaware of this most excellent holiday (since 1995) I feel ye must be enlightened and given the tools ye need to appreciate it. Ye can find out more at The Official Talk Like a Pirate Day Website which has all ye need to know about the piratey holiday and more.

Firstly, ye need to talk like a pirate all day long! This means throwin' in words like Avast, grog, bilge rat, and any sailin' like terms you know such as referrin' to right and left as starboard and port. Nothing quite beats givin' directions to a matey like "turn to your port side after ye spot the ancient scottish restaurant from the crow's nest." If ye need a primer to teach ye proper pirate jargon ye can learn some here at the official how to talk like a pirate page. They even include pirate pickup lines for that special someone ye want work yer magic on.

Now, there are many different ways ye can celebrate on Talk Like a Pirate Day to go above and beyond yer scurvy ridden duty. If ye need help developin' yer pirate persona, go to find out your pirate name. An' instead of just talkin' like a pirate, ye can also Post like a Pirate! and make all yer emails, tweets, and status changes filled with pirate pride.
Original Tweet- Going to pick apples with my friends. We're making enough pies and applesauce to feed us for years.

Pirate-ized Tweet- Goin' to pick apples wit' me buckos. We're makin' that be all I can take pies 'n applesauce to feed us fer years.
Ye can also catch up on yer pirate related movies. Some of me favorites and suggestions are listed here:

The Princess Bride - small amount of piratey goodness, but tha best movie ever! Ye can see the best sword fighting seen from tha movie here:

The Pirates of the Caribbean - all three be good, but I prefer the first.
Cutthroat Island - some people hate it, others love it, I liked it.
Muppet Treasure Island - for those who enjoy plushy, less gritty pirates. Shiver me Timbers song below:

The Pirates of Penzance (1983) - for those matey's who enjoy a good musical.
The Seahawk (1940) - this pirate has not seen this film, however, Errol Flynn is the star so it must be good.

For those of ye that are of a creative nature and love fiber, here are some examples of pirate knits:

Arrgyle Socks Chart
Felted Eye Patch
Knitted Tricorn Hat Pattern

Knitted Gunner's Cap Pattern

So, enjoy yer day as ye see fit. After all, it is yer life... even if you're Jack Sparrow! Pardon, Capn' Jack Sparrow.

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Heh, heh, heh! Love it!

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