Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yeay for spring.... or is it really summer?

So, now that it's spring and there are green things again, I finally have been getting back into photography. I took these two photos in between doing bits of yard work with a group of volunteers at one of our groups homes.

I couldn't believe just how warm it was today. My car said 88 once the thermometer settled down from being in direct sunlight for an afternoon. I must admit, while the heat is generally welcome, I wasn't so happy about it showing up today. We were all very warm and despite using my SPF 70, I still got a bit of a burn.

But... the flowers are planted and the the yard is cleaned up, so overall I'm pretty happy. I rewarded myself with a DD iced coffee for a good afternoon's work. Then I promptly took a nice long shower and a rather long-ish nap as well. I've been remarkably lazy since getting home and at the moment I'm reveling in the lovely cool breeze coming through our office windows. Ah.... contentment!

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