Saturday, April 18, 2009

I think everyone got murdered at one point.....

So, our friends Kevin and Teresa had their first party of the season on Saturday. Their theme was a Hawaiian Murder Mystery, which ended up meaning lots of good conversation, laughs along with lots of yummy food and drinks.

Brian and I in our festive Hawaiian gear thank you very much Dollar Store! Plus, Teresa made sure we all had a lei each. The murders took place every 1/2 hour when Kevin would pull a murderer and their victim from a hat. Whoever was the murderer took the victim's lei. The person at the end of the night that had the most lei's won a really cool sparking toy ray gun. I was really bummed I didn't win, although as you can see by the number of leis around my neck, I didn't do too badly and ended up in a tie for third place.

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