Saturday, September 6, 2008

Best sail eva!

This weekend Sam came to the Cape with us. Since we planned the trip we had hoped to be able to take a nice sail provided the weather was favorable. Now we don't get to take out the boat as much as we would like, hell we don't even get to the Cape as often as we would like... so when the weather looked great on Saturday we decided to go while we had the chance. Brian rowed himself and Sam out to the boat in the dinghy while I amused myself on the dock waiting for them to pick me up. I took a few photos and talked to a couple guys that were cleaning their boat nearby... no big deal. The I started thinking, "Where the hell are they?" I swear it had been an hour that I was chilling out on the dock. Now, it does take awhile to get the boat ready, you have to get the sails ready and unhook from the mooring and start the engine up, but nothing that should have taken that long. At this point I had lost sign of the boys because the boat is moored behind a couple others, so I was trying to see if I could figure out where they were. I finally saw a mast moving and relized it was them. It was odd though, why was the mainsail up? Are they sailing in to the dock to pick me up? What are they nuts? There's a bazillion boats to weave through before they get here..... ooooooohhh.... they couldn't get the outboard started :-O So, after figuring this out I watch them slowly creep towards the dock to me. Poor Brian, he was not pleased. Well, despite this inauspicious beginning we had an amazing sail! Probably the best one I have ever been on in fact. There was great wind and waves so we kept getting sprayed by the surf. We hauled at a pretty good clip once we got out of the channel causing the boat to heel just enough to make the ride fun. We were out on the boat sailing for about 3 hours, and returned from our tour unscathed and exhilarated.

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