Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Very Productive Weekend

This weekend I was faced with a startlingly large amount on free time.  So, for once I actually attempted to be useful and get some things done around here.  Of late I have been so full of sloth that I have only been able to come home and bury my face is a good book for the evening.  While the reading was lovely and still beckons, my other hobbies and those darn household chores have been waving madly at me in an attempt to get my attention.

I finally managed to block my Otono shawl I finshed a few weeks ago.  I had picked up some blocking wires and a set of interlocking blocking mats to make the chore a bit easier on me.  I was able to add a couple inches of length and width the the shawl which makes me really happy.

I was also able to wash, thwack and measure my most recently spun up yarn.  The fiber is Falkland in the Straw colorway from FatCatKnits.com.  I am very happy with how it came out and the Falkland spun up like a dream.  I chain plied it and there is about 150 yards, so I'll be able to make something fairly large out of it.

I also worked on the spinning I have on the wheel a bit.  This fiber is Polworth, again from FatCatKnits.com and it is the Sherwood Forest colorway.  This fober doesn't draft as well, I think it has a much longer staple length than I tend to draft at, so it's harder to keep things even.  Nevertheless, I am enjoying the process and I love the color.

This is a picture of the raw dyed fiber I got in the mail.  Pretty huh?

Other than that, I did a lot of laundry and cleaning all weekend.  But that's stuff's boring.  I don't think you really want to hear the details of scrubbing our shower :-)

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