Monday, June 14, 2010

Dice Bags Aplenty

Meet my newest gaming accessories!  They are made using the Deep Sea Flower Dice Bag pattern I recently  found on Ravelry.  These little bags knit up really quick, which was their appeal since I have been doing a lot of long term knitting projects lately.  I just needed something quick and satisfying to keep me on the knitting bandwagon.  The pattern calls for Noro Kureyon, which I happily already had in my stash so all I had to buy were the neat little dangly bits for the ends of the strings.  They are ceramic pendants from the Enchanted Planet line of Blue Moon Beads.  The pattern didn't call for them, but the closure for the strings was a bit fiddly for my taste, so I decided on the pendents instead.

But, "Why make dice bags?" you ask.  Most people wouldn't think I have dice... let alone many dice that would necessitate a dice bag.  (Ten points if you get that reference, but if you need to cheat to figure it out, click here)  Well to answer your question.... long, long ago (the late 90's) in a dorm far, far away (45 minutes down a local highway) I used to play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends at Wheaton.  College was a wonderful place to get into this hobby as we had lots people available and lots of free time on the weekend to take over a common room for hours and then just trudge down to the dining hall for snacks.   It also didn't hurt that the boyfriend was into it :-)

So, I played D&D and various other rpgs off and on throughout the last two years of college and a few years after graduating until I found I just didn't have the amount of time I needed to give to the group to be a reliable player.  I decided to call it quits.  I should also mention that role playing isn't exactly one of those things that I do well.... and well... that's putting it nicely.  I'm very good at playing a character that is basically me, but that really isn't the point of tabletop and you get a mite bit predictable.  Basically I played to hang out with the guys and socialize.

So, recently one of my friends decided to start up an Eberron game, which is a setting of the newest version of D&D.  The game is slated to begin in July and one of my little traditions with tabletop gaming is that when I start a new character, I like to get some new dice.  So, when we were down at the Cape a couple weekends ago Brian and I went to the local game store, in search of miniatures to portray our characters and on the lookout for some new pretty dice for me.  I picked out the really pretty green and yellow ones in the picture above.  This color scheme is actually quite a change from my usual sparkly or swirly pinks and purples. 

The I think the last time I bought dice other than recently was back a couple years after college when I hadn't even thought of knitting as something I would be interested in.  I got my dice home a said, "Huh, I don't have a dice bag," and promptly logged on to Ravelry to find a pattern.  It's amazing how things change yet end up coming back to you isn't it?

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