Sunday, June 14, 2009

A rose by any other name....

So, yeah. I can't come up with something witty to say after that title. Deal! This is basically my excuse to post some cool pictures I took of the plants in our side garden.

I swear that the rose bush we planted a few years ago is plotting to take over the world. It started out tiny, and in three years has spread to cover half of this garden.

Now it is just starting the attempt to climb the siding of the building. I think we need to get a trellis soon so the landlord doesn't yell. Although, compared to what this garden used to look like before we moved in, they shouldn't be complaining. The rose bush is so big now that there is no way we could move it if/when we get a house. /cry

This is a closeup of one of our many lilies which are just starting to come out now. I'll post some pics of them once their blooms deign to make an appearence.

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