Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hey Look! I finished something... or maybe a few things

Finally I have something (or a couple things) to post about, yeay!  Blogging has gotten placed firmly on the back burner lately, but since I have some new and cool stuff that have just come off the needles, I thought I would share  :-)

The favorite of the bunch is my Estelle cardigan.  Isn't she pretty? (And man do I need to do some sit ups! But that's beside the point...)  I started knitting this beauty back in October of 2011 and worked on it steadily for about a month before moving on to more pressing projects.  I had managed to get through the lace yoke, separate for the sleeves and start the miles of stockinette needed for the body of the cardigan before I put it down, I had about 1/3 of the whole thing done.  

Then Christmas and New Year's came and went and my cardigan stayed all wrapped up in her little project bag patiently waiting for me to remember she was there.  Finally this past week I came into a bit more free time than I would normally have and decided it was time to finish my cardigan.  I mean seriously, I had to finish it before what little winter we have had in New England goes away: It would be heartbreaking to have a finished cardigan just in time for the weather to be too hot to wear it!

I got to wear Estelle today for the first time and people really seemed to like how she came out.  I'm just happy she fits and looks good on me.  It's the small things that count you know :)

The other project that I'm really proud about finishing is my first completed pair of hand knit socks.  I seem to really have an issue with knitting my own socks.... the problem is specifically called second sock syndrome, which means I have no problem knitting the first sock, but that second one really has a slim chance of ever making an entry into the real world.  I basically just get bored doing the same thing over again.  So....  to trick myself into finishing both socks, I learned how to do two socks at once! It also didn't hurt that most of these socks were knitted while I was on a trip when I had lots of time to myself waiting for planes or hanging out in my hotel room.

I looove my tube socks and since completing them I have cast on another pair of socks that I have been drooling over for quite some time.  Hopefully now that I know I can actually knit a pair, I'll use that momentum to keep going and get better at working with such tiny yarn and needles.  

Well, now that I have finished two pretty sizable projects, I am taking a much deserved knitting break!  Now off to enjoy a book or maybe a bit of playtime on Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Ta and happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

Jo they are amazing! You are extremely talented and dedicated- no matter how much crap you give yourself. Keep up the good work!

jjphotoFTW said...

Thanks for the kind words Rachel! :)

chaoticspring said...

You knit some of the prettiest things...