Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hat Fail!

Ladies and gentleman this is what happens when you don't read your pattern thoroughly before starting a project.  For the past two nights, I have spent my time fretting over if I had the correct needles to finish up my Tempo's Headcoat (which is basically the coolest newsboy cap ever).  You can get the headcoat pattern for free on Ravelry here.

I had started on Tuesday, happy to begin a new and fun project.  Instead of starting with the brim, like the pattern calls for (why would I ever follow the pattern?), I decided to start the tam section and work the brim later.  I knitted merrily along on my size 6 needles.  Now, I have a lovely interchangeable circular needle set from WEBS so I can basically make any length circular needle I want out of the tips included in the set.  This worked out very well as I had to increase from 3 stitches all the way up to over 250.

After all those increases was when I ran into my needle issue.  I hadn't noticed that once finishing all the increases I had to decrease quite dramatically with a #2 needle.  This doesn't sound like it's such a big deal, does it.  I have that handy interchangeable needle set; I just have to switch out the tips and I'll be golden!  Not so much....  You see the interchangeable set I have is great.  I am very happy with it, but the smallest needle tips are a size #4 :(

So I ran to my LYS (local yarn store) on the way home from work yesterday to get a #2 16" circular (plus another skein of yarn because I didn't pay attention to how much I needed).  I arrived home, finished knitting the tam, went to start the brim and realized that it called for a really long #2 circular.

Insert Trumpet Noise of Failure here.

Oh, I failed to mention that it was now 8:50pm and no craft stores stay open after 9pm and all of them are more than 10 minutes away.  Double failure!  I actually ended up making it work.  I used bigger needles than the pattern called for (yeay for #4 needles) and I think that worked out well.  But the evening was full of stress over my awesome project when it was so very close to being done.  That's why my project picture looks so funny.  I scavenged everywhere for any needles I could find that would work; Circulars, DPN's, I used anything I could lay my hands on. 

Oh well, it could be worse...  If I had run into these problems a year ago, I would have dissolved into tears and been inconsolable for hours.  It's amazing what a year and some challenges can do.  Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic that I can finish the headcoat this evening.  If so, pictures on the morrow!

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