Monday, October 5, 2009

10 Reasons why having your car towed when in the North End could be much, MUCH worse

1) It could be much colder than 50 degrees when I don't have a coat.

2) It could have been 11:30pm when I discovered the missing car instead of 7:30pm.

3) I could have had no one to come rescue me and had to have taken a taxi to go to the bank, get cash out and then take another taxi to pick up the car, which would have had a lovely price tag.

4) Despite the car setback, I have managed to eat really good salami, bread, and champagne this evening.

5) I have an iPod, Twitter and a blog to keep me amused.

6) My car COULD have been stolen.

7) I could be stuck in some nasty backalley rather than this nicely lit section of the north end

8) I can go home and take a nice hot shower (now that our tub has been fixed). If this happened yesterday before the tub was fixed, I would have cried much more, believe me.

9) I might not be dining on my favorite candy right now (gummi frogs).

10) And finally, I'm going to get a big warm hug when I get home.

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