Thursday, July 9, 2009

The rain finally stopped long enough...

...for me to finally get some nice pictures of some flora. I took these at the Mass Horticultural Society Elm Bank Car Show on June 28th. I have gone to this show with my Mom, Dad, and Brian for the past few years to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad, who is a 1960' Oldsmobile nut.

My Dad owns several Oldsmobiles including at 1935 F35 5 passenger Coupe Street Rod with some mighty interesting extras. You can see all the Olds cars he has ever owned at his site

Dad has bought and sold several since he got into his 1960's Oldsmobile habit back when I was in high school. I can't ever seem to keep track of them all, but the ones that stick for me are the first one he worked on (with a little bit of my help), which was the white 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire Holiday Coupe and the first one he let me drive, the 1965 Cutlass Holiday Coupe (my baby).

I LOOOOOOOOVED the Cutlass and frequently give Dad lots of grief over him having sold it. To this day I have the sign he had made for the Cutlass when he brought it to shows and a mug from Zazzle (I think) with its lovely visage. You may laugh that I'm so attached to a car, especially since I am not really a car person, but Dad trusted me to drive this car and it was the first antique car I had ever driven. I was so petrified that I would run it into something. One time I followed him over to a car show (I believe the first day I drove it) and he decided to floor it in his car so I would have room and could open up the Cutlass to see what she had in her. I just didn't dare. I just kept driving at my sedate pace down 109, enjoying the ride.

Wow, that was a tangent.... anyway, back to the Elm Bank Car Show. Now, I know it's odd that I took pictures of flowers at a car show, but I was so happy there was sun out and I could take pictures that I couldn't force myself to focus on the cars. After we feasted on our Father's Day picnic (kind of a Loranz family tradition even though it wasn't the actual day), I focused on taking as many pics of the gardens on the grounds as possible. I mean, who knew when we would next see sun, or at least have a non-rain filled day, so I took advantage of the natural beauty that was the backdrop to all the old cars with their own man-made beauty.

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