Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Love Fool

Yeay! I finally finished Brian Valentine's Day present. I'm only a week late, lol... So, I just wanted to post the pic for all to see. I ended up sewing a fleece lining on the back becuase the stockinette stitch that you have to do intarsia charts in really rolls. It basically looks like a giant sausage unless I laid it out carefully on the floor, so after buying about 12 million feet (I might have exagerrated a bit) of black fleece because I didn't know how long the scarf would be, I ended up actually cutting it pretty well down to size.

The funny thing was that the only way I could sew it on was to literally us my crafting hole punch to pre-punch all the holes for the yarn. Why, you ask? ...because the yarn was so thick I couldn't string it through a regular needle, tapestry needles are really blunt and fleece acts like body armor unless poked by something very sharp. So, huzzah for having random craft supplies at home!


erinlesko said...

awesome! also loving the seasonal quest reference :)

jjFTW said...

Well, I earned the achievement, I might as well work it into my horde valentine's present :-)

Queen said...


I can't tell if he's thinking "I'm so proud of my creative and loving wife" or "Fuck off and die now!"

The scarf does look great, though, and Brian's looking sharp in it!

jjFTW said...

I'm guessing it might have been a little of both. He was humoring me by posing since we were already running late for a party. I basically finished it the second we had to head out the door, so he was probably thinking "..would you hurry the hell up already?"