Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkins and Apples and Gourds, OH MY!

After Saturday's day at King Richard's, I wasn't exactly moving very fast or far for that matter, but I did want to work on my photography since I haven't been able to much as of late and I want to be in practice for my class next week. So, since Brian was at work, Mom drove to the apartment and we wandered around town taking pictures at all the local farm stands. We had some pretty good luck as you can see below. I just love the fall with the air being so crisp and clean. Suddenly sweaters are coming out and hot cider and cocoa are more and more commonplace and you can smell the heady scent of wood burning in stoves. As much as I really do like all the seasons, I am leaning towards fall as being my favorite. It's really the only one I don't get really sick of after awhile. Winter is great until after Christmas and then it's annoying, Summer can just get too damn hot and I hate being sweaty. Spring isn't bad becuase you get all the new growth and flowers and lovely rain (yes, I think rain is lovely, so sue me). But Fall just seems to have the most perks when compairing it to the rest.


JR said...

great pics Jo, BURN THE ONE OF ME!!!!!!

jjFTW said...


Chris said...

These are gorgeous photos! Ah I love this time of year!